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The Biercast

Suds Up: Local Beer Podcast Brews Big Following


2013-12-07 18.00.44-1The Biercast is a podcast fully devoted to—what else?—beer, and its ties with culture. The concept comes from Andrew Camp and Eric Baker, two friends who met at a dry college campus, oddly enough. Today, both guys are approaching 30 and have observed something captivating about grabbing drinks with friends.

“We noticed that our conversations got super-interesting when our group of friends got together over a beer,” Camp says about why they decided to launch a podcast. “So we thought the dynamic of that conversation could be fun for listeners of a podcast, especially those interested in beer.”

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WATCH: Craft beer, delivered by drone

Here is the best drone delivery scheme we've seen yet. Inspired by Jeff Bezos's announced intentions to one day ship Amazon products via drones (don't hold your breath, it's a ways off), Jack Supple, president of Stevens Point, Wisconsin-based Lakemaid Beer, decided to try delivering his company's beer via drone to ice fishermen on frozen Lake Waconia. Read Full Story Read more [...]

Jelly Belly Candy Company introduces ‘Draft Beer’-flavored jelly beans

(Fairfield, CA) – When candy makers at Jelly Belly Candy Company set out to create the world’s first beer flavored jelly bean, the question wasn’t how; it was what. Ale or Lager? Stout? Lambic? Pilsner? In the end, the company opted to pay homage to its German ancestry with a Hefeweizen-inspired ale flavor, and flavor will debut at Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco and ISM in Cologne, Germany. Beer has been a highly-requested flavor by consumers for decades. Jelly Belly is known Read more [...]

Flat 12 Bierwerks expanding distribution to Kentucky, launching Louisville with River City

(Indianapolis, IN) – Flat 12 Bierwerks, an Indianapolis based craft brewery, is expanding its distribution into Kentucky. River City Distributing, a beverage distributor based in Louisville, Kentucky, will help launch and represent the product in the Louisville area. “This is a natural step across the Ohio River for Flat 12. We’ve had a good relationship with the southern part of our state and we’re happy to now extend that to Louisville,” said Rob Caputo, Flat 12’s Co-Founder and Read more [...]

Hoarding beer in Clintonville leaves some hopping mad

Jude DuPart first took the picture because he couldn’t believe the audacity of this guy. There he was, up by the grocery store cash registers, trying to buy more than 400 bottles of a limited-release beer. DuPart pulled out his phone and snapped a photo. He didn’t expect what happened next. Read Full Story Read more [...]


In this episode the gang discusses how much beer you can buy without being an asshole, the best beers and breweries in each state, what form you would want your beer in (other than liquid), the radler challenge, and of course football.

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This week Eric, Andrew, and dR. Thomas decide they need to discuss and explore the world of Belgian Beers. You will never guess what they discover…



In this episode the gang discusses the the Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning rivalry, copyright infringement, breweries accepting bitcoins, and demand that every listener to take the Radler challenge and email their thoughts to contact@thebiercast.com. Read more [...]